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Our Mission

  • Support our customers by providing superior products and services of exceptional value which help them gain competitive advantage in their markets.
  • Seeks to be the leader in our industry by maintaining a creative and ambitious work environment conducive to developing innovative products and solutions with our customers’ needs in mind.
  • TEC Services has averaged a 2 day turnaround time for the past 20 years and will strive to keep that record pace for years to come.

About our employees

  • TEC Services’ employees are members of CETA International (Controlled Environment Testing Association).
  • Employees have attended the Eagleson Institute.  Eagleson promotes the principles and practices of testing HEPA filters and offers continuing education in the related fields.
  • Our employees have a cumulative combined experience in this industry of over 150 years!

About the President

  • Tony Caughron, the founder of TEC Services, Inc. with over 40 years experience in the industry continues to serve as active President and General Manager of the company today.
  • Tony originally gained much of his experience working with Air Techniques International (ATI) for 14 years prior to starting TEC Services.
  • He has been accredited with studying the certification of Biological Safety Cabinets at Harvard University.
  • Tony is a member of IEST and the CETA International  Organization.
  • Tony is involved in updating and revising the following IEST documents and is currently Vice Chairman of  the CC013.2 working group:
    • IEST - CC013.2  (Calibration Procedures and Guidelines for Selecting Equipment Used in Testing Cleanrooms and Other Controlled Environments)
    • IEST - CC002.2  (Unidirectional Flow Clean-Air Devices)
    • IEST - CC006.3  (Testing Cleanrooms)
    • IEST - CC014.1  (Characterization of Optical Airborne Particle Counters)
    • IEST - CC034.2  (HEPA and ULPA Filter Leak Tests)
  • IEST is the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology  and the committees mentioned above all parallel  ISO standards 14644-1 through 14644 -3.
  • Tony is also a current member of CETA’s Board of Directors.
25 Little Avenue New Oxford, PA 17350 USA
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