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Calibration Services

TEC Services currently calibrates the following aerosol photometers:

  • All TEC Services, Inc models past and present
  • Virtis (JM9000 model only)
  • ATI  models:
    • TDA 2D
    • TDA 2E (entire series including nuclear versions)
    • TDA 2G
    • TDA 2GA

We have extensive knowledge of the above mentioned photometers and will provide prompt and efficient service. The turnaround time for standard calibrations has been 2 days or less since we began calibrating photometers over 20 years ago.  The industry standards recommend calibration of aerosol photometers on a yearly basis provided the units were handled properly during the 12 month period.  TEC Services, Inc. provides NIST Traceability on all models manufactured in the USA.

Repair and Service

TEC Services currently repairs and services the following products:

  • All aerosol photometers mentioned above in ‘calibration services’
  • All brands and models of laskin nozzle and slit type aerosol generators
  • All Penetrometer components
    • Particle size and percent penetration meters
    • Mechanical Analyzer
    • Light Scattering Devices, etc.
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